What is the the 7 Day Home Tour?

The tour is a one week house selling experience. Buyers will hold tour passes and shop homes listed in the tour for that one week. This concept works best for the commitment-shy homeowners who does not want to sign a 6 month listing or wants to sell their house as quickly as possible for top dollar. 

Why 7 days?

Our philosophy is built from research and decades of real estate experience. We know when a house is staged properly in the right areas and priced right, sales are quick and competitive. We also know that the inventory in Kansas City is at an all time low, but demand remains high. This creates a perfect environment for a 7 day sale. 

Do you have geographic boundaries?

No, we are open to looking at houses anywhere in the Kansas City metro area on both sides of the state line. 

What happens if my house doesn't sell in 7 days?

You can either take your house off the market and try again another time or you can leave it on for an extended listing. It's up to you! There are no obligations beyond the 7 day sale.